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Choosing the right gear and clothing is vital to the safety and comfort of your paddling experience. 

The Paddling Store offers a full range paddling gear and clothing with offerings from WRSI Helmets, Peak UK & Salus PFDs.

The gear that you wear or take on a trip with you will be dictated by the weather, the environment, the duration of your trip, the difficulty of the environment as well as the comfort level you would like.  You will also need different safety gear depending on if you will be paddling open water or rivers (especially whitewater rivers or swift moving rivers).  As you might already know, all gear from paddles to a simple throw or tow rope will be various marerals and costs.  The idea is certainly not lost on paddling cloths.

When you are planning your day on the water, you must first take a look at the weather.  If it is going to be very cold (keep in mind that very cold and very hot is relative to the paddler), you would likely want to work on layers of 3 as it is always easier to remove layers out on the water as opposed to putting something on that you did not pack.  Typically, your layers will consist of a skin tight layers such as a fleece lined rash guard, neoprene or at least a lycra rash guard.  Your second layer should be a good quality fleece and I do not mean the fleece that is really loose that you have for a day on the town, but a good paddling specific fleece top that is sewn with several pannels allowing the largest range of motion possible.  This piece should also be close to skin tight to avoid air pockets in your layer pieces.  Lastly, you should have a good hardshell.  You could use drytops, semi-drytops or splash tops, but you will need this layer to shed water as well as keeping the wind from your core.  You should also note that your feet, head and hands are some of the most vunerable areas for hear loss and frost bite, so make sure that you have some hand protection, some good wool or neoprene socks (multiple pair if needed) and a good wool or neoprene head warmer.  Hypothermia is the biggest threat to paddlers and it is nothing to take lightly.  You should also consider a good emergency drybag with dry layers, a lighter, something that will help start a fire such as lint from your dryer, energy bars, a headlamp, an emergency blanket/tarp and some iodine or other water purification options.  A good noise marker is smart as well and is the law in many states. 

MORE TO COME…This is all a work in progress.  Thank you for understanding and thank you for visiting us at The Paddling Store.