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When choosing anything for Stand Up Paddling you have to keep in mind that this is a really new sport and things are changing all of the time, so nothing anyone says in written in stone.  Things that we say mat not work for you, so be sure to try a few options before choosing a paddle or a board or even a PFD and other equipment.

Materials – In choosing a SUP Paddles, keep in mind that there is a variation in materials including carbon fiber, fiberglass, wood, nylon, plastic & aluminum.  With a variation in materials comes a variation in price, weights and durability.  Paddles can range from around $70 to as much as $500, so keep all of this in mind and set a budget.

Length – A good general rule for the length of a paddle is to buy a paddle that is 6-12 inches over your head depending on your stance.  If you get a paddle that is too long, you will be stuck with the paddle’s t-grip well over your head and with your arm way too straight in the air.  If you get a paddle that is too short, you will find yourself bending over and really off balance in an uncomfortable position.


Please see what SUP Paddles TPS carries by clicking here.  Thank you and happy paddling.