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Expedition Canoes

Intended for long trips and heavy loads, these massive canoes are often powered by more than two paddlers and are occasionally fitted with a spray skirt. Design characteristics, such as moderate rocker and increased bow depth, make them a very dry ride, even in open water with rougher conditions. Typically 18′-20′ in length, they are capable of hauling more weight than canoes in other categories. Unlike smaller canoes, these paddle best when weighted to compensate for the high amount of displacement and depth.


Wilderness Tripping Canoes

These canoes generally have increased carrying capacity for the big loads required by two to three paddlers on trail for weeks at a time. Solo or tandem, these canoes typically range from 15′-18′ in length and are designed to be stable and efficient to paddle. A canoe’s specific design features will be your ultimate guide to selecting the appropriate canoe—for the most efficient paddling, the highest capacity, for portaging and paddling lake to lake or for running big rivers.


River Tripping

Specifically designed to handle fast-moving rivers and streams, these solo and tandem canoes range in length from 15′-17′. Typically, hulls are designed without keels and are symmetrical from end to end, with rounded, shallow-vee, or flat bottoms, and feature flared sides, and generous depth. But the most distinguishing characteristic should be the generous rocker found on each end. In perfect combination, these design features will provide the maximum maneuverability for making quick turns, moving laterally to avoid rocks and ledges, and will soften the effect of crossing sharp eddy lines.



Designed to be steady, maneuverable and easy to control. These canoes are typically designed with proportions shorter in length (13′-16′) and greater in width (over 36″). These canoes are popular for fishing, and although capable of overnight trips, they are best suited for two to three paddlers and for day trips on calm waters. Often referred to as a ‘cabin’ or ‘city lake’ canoes.



A play or performance canoe with extreme rocker designed for one or two paddlers to use exclusively in whitewater. Retrofitted additions include floatation in the bow and stern to prevent the boat from filling with water and/or optional spray skirts, leg and knee straps combined with a kneeling pedestal and toe blocks for maximum control.


Racing Canoes

Designed for high performance—fast, straight tracking, rigid hull materials and without excess weight. Narrower and longer, typically 18-20′ in length, asymmetrical in shape from stern to bow with eccentric features and appearance.


Specialty Use Canoes

A canoe designed for a specific use or purpose—racing, sailing, to use with a motor, to carry four or more people, with extended decks for paddling in the ocean or extremely rough water.